Academic Philosophy

We believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.   With a strong and deliberate focus on excellent academics, Meadow Green Academy offers a comprehensive blend of the best in traditional education and modern pedagogy, while using current technologies.

The core curriculum at Meadow Green Academy prioritizes reading, writing and mathematics, in order to develop a strong educational foundation. An emphasis on advanced learning in the areas of computers, sciences and languages, challenges students to maximize their potential in the classroom and the world at large.

Meadow Green Academy’s unwavering commitment to individual enrichment and accelerated programming is enhanced through small class sizes and ongoing, individual student assessments. Students enjoy a rich educational experience in a caring and nurturing environment, built on strong, Christian values.
At Meadow Green Academy, we are motivated to cultivate courageous, principled individuals who will impact their world for good. Students are therefore encouraged to develop a global perspective and they are given the opportunity to participate in various conferences and outreach programs. These experiences deepen the students’ understanding of their relationship and responsibility to others, around the world.