Senior Kindergarten

Our  Full Day Senior Kindergarten is a highly academic program where reading, writing and mathematics skills are intentionally and systematically developed. We encourage a love of learning and stimulate the students to explore new skills, while building a strong academic foundation. It is a full day program

By introducing basic sight vocabulary, word families, spelling and phonics, we  help the students learn how to read and write in an engaging and nurturing environment. A variety of phonics readers, a fairy tale unit, and a wide selection of story books enable the students to develop their reading comprehension and written responses.

Mathematics includes place value, addition, subtraction, fractions, telling time, grouping numbers, measurement, geometry, money and beginning problem solving. Concrete materials including Montessori materials are used so that the children can manipulate and visualize the concepts.

Computers enrich the curriculum as students use computer programs in language arts and math to hone their skills.

The French program emphasizes oral language skills as the students converse, sing, play games and read books together.

Drama and music develop the children’s confidence as they perform in front of others.

Themes in science and social studies open up the world to them and challenge their minds intellectually. Some of the themes are: Thanksgiving and Harvest, Expressing Thanks, Human Body, Germs and Colds, Jonah, Taking Care of My World, Exploring Outer Space, Tools and Machines, David and Goliath and Children Around the World.

Fitness, skill development, cooperation and sportsmanship are incorporated into our fun filled physical education program.