What our parents are saying about MGA

“The Meadow Green Academy curriculum and excellent teachers have contributed to shaping our daughter into a capable and confident student who will soon be ready to advance to high school.”

S. & T. Nielsen Parent

“You and your team of wonderful teachers nurtured and guided him so beautifully throughout the years. We are so grateful for how far he has come and how well he has developed. He is thoughtful, introspective, intelligent and mature.”

E. & L. Bianchini Parent

“MGA is a school with high academic and character standards which encourages and motivates children…a safe, caring, nurturing academic environment in which children are able to grow and develop their potential.”

K. and C. Lewis Parent

“Meadow Green Academy has made a positive difference in the life of our son. We feel confident that Aleksander is ready for future challenges academically, socially and spiritually.”

D. and S. Lukic Parent

“Thank you for creating a wonderful and loving learning environment for our children.”

S. and T. Nielson Parent

“We would like to express our thanks for all that you do…your vision, commitment and hard work.”

Julio Helen Tavares Parent

“Joel just thrives in this setting and loves your school. To see him enthusiastically reading and actually enjoying math is amazing!”

Leigh & James Colgan Parent

“Thank you for giving Jerry such a good head start academically. We appreciate all your care and compassion. God bless you. We pray that you will be able to help many more children in the future.”

Karen Race Parent

“I feel strengthened and comforted knowing my children are under your care.”

Nadine Purnell Parent

Dates to Remember

Family Day – No School
Fri. February 16 – Mon. February 19
Gr. 4-8 Parent-Teacher Interviews
Tuesday & Wednesday, February 20 & 21
Early Registration
February 23, 2018
Open House
Saturday, February 24 – 10:00 am-1:00 pm




Established in 1995, with a vision to offer educational excellence and the benefits of an individualized, private Christian school experience to students in the Mississauga and Oakville areas.

We invite you to contact us for an appointment to learn more about how Meadow Green Academy can provide a safe, nurturing, and individualized educational experience for your child. 


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We believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.  We therefore emphasize a strong focus on academics, and offer a comprehensive blend of the best in traditional education together with current technological advances.

At Meadow Green Academy, we believe that a child must have a solid foundation from the onset of his education in order to be fully prepared for the future and to achieve personal and academic success.


The dedicated, caring teachers at MGA are committed to helping each student set and meet their academic goals,and to creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.


Individual enrichment, accelerated programming, high behavioural expectations, organization and time management, and exam preparation skills provide a strong academic focus.


Small classes enable teachers to work closely with each student to monitor progress, provide remedial assistance, and choose the methods and resources that are best suited to their learning.