Why should I send my child to Meadow Green Academy?

Meadow Green Academy has a firm commitment to high academic standards and individual learning which are accomplished through ongoing assessments and small class sizes. This allows our teachers to implement a variety of methods in appreciation of a child’s learning style. Adding to this, Christian values and mutual respect create a sense of well-being among both staff and students, resulting in a positive, bully free environment thus allowing your child to flourish.


What programs beyond the classroom are provided?

MGA is a member of A.C.S.I. (Association of Christian Schools International) and participates in a number of A.C.S.I. sponsored events such as the Public Speaking Competition, Math Olympics, and Inter-school sports events including basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton and track and field. Our senior classes participate in the World Concerns Conference each October.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of clubs. In any given year, students may choose from a variety of activities such as the school choir, craft club, chess club, watercolours, cartooning, yearbook club, cooking club, and many sports activities. The clubs may change depending upon the interests of the students and teachers.

We have a musical ensemble as well as an intra-mural program in athletics.

Students perform in assemblies, the Christmas Concert and a major drama production each year.


What additional services are available?

Before and after school supervision and study hall are available between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and between 3:40 p.m. and 6:00 p. m for an additional fee.

Transportation: Bus service is available.

Summer School: A seven week summer experience of academic and fun activities are offered at our air-conditioned Queensway Campus.


Do you provide Preschool?

Our preschool program is for children two and half years of age and older. The student to teacher ratio is a maximum of eight students for every teacher. This is not a custodial program, but an educational program that fosters intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. As a child’s intelligence is not set at birth, but continues to develop, it is important to provide your child with an intellectually stimulating environment. Your child will be involved in the excitement of learning while being accepted as an important individual by our nurturing and caring staff.


Are you a Montessori School?

Although we are not a full Montessori School, we use many Montessori materials as they have excellent manipulatives that enhance learning and assist with language and math development. We believe in having students work together as well as individually so they can develop their social skills. Intellectual stimulation and academics are added to our program so that it is a well-rounded learning environment for our students.


Can students who are not from a Christian background attend M.G.A.?

Yes. Parents should realize that Christian values and concepts are important in helping a child develop a fundamental belief system. A study of the Bible is part of our opening exercises and our teachers hold a Christian worldview. However, children of other backgrounds are welcome to attend.


Do MGA students wear uniforms?

Yes. Our uniforms are consistent with many other private and independent schools. We believe that a school uniform promotes a positive learning environment.


Do you have a hot lunch program?

Yes. We have daily menus that feature nutritious and flexible hot meals. Students have the option of availing themselves of these services or they can bring their own lunches from home.